Miguel Villa-Lobos

Hi everyone!
This is my entry for the Artstation Challenge - Ancient Civilizations : Lost & Found - Game character art (Real-time), the character, MIguel Villa-Lobos and his pet "clau" was a pirate who help an old civilization to regain their old brightness (You can read the storyline in the submission).

Its was 2 months of hard work during my free time (I'm finishing my FP on my school), i learned a lot of realtime development : hair/ texturing/Marmoset/SSS/etc.

98000 tris on Character and pet - 8 x 2k map
12500 tris on Pedestal

You can see the full submission here with the process :

Hope you like it!

(Re-Upload images with a better ligth)

Antonio esparza screenshot010
Antonio esparza screenshot008
Antonio esparza screenshot007
Antonio esparza screenshot009
Antonio esparza screenshot006
Antonio esparza 6
Antonio esparza 7